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American vs. Russian cold war?

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United States of America is the only superpower in the world after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Americans with a history as long has its own genetic material for the political life of the world, along with the dominance and hegemony established to maximize the bargaining power is so high in the regulation of its foreign policy to other countries in order of importance The Americans do not hesitate to use the standard double rooms to meet their national interests.
While Russia and Russia is the union during the Cold War, called (1947-1991) is part of the Soviet Union, later, an independent country when the Soviet Union dissolved. Currently, Russia is considered a substitute for the Soviet Union for many people the wrong impression and can not distinguish between the Soviet Union and Russia. While the United States was the leading opponent of the Soviet Union are the days of the Cold War. The two countries fought each other "power" by spreading their ideology imposed policy. U.S. containment policy and the Soviet Union with warm water policy aims to comply with other countries.
The relations between the U.S. and Russia do not match relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Currently, the United States and Russia, the G8. However, although both countries have had little good relations remain "cold war" between the two countries are new. Some foreign policy of Russia issued very often in conflict with U.S. foreign policy, particularly the foreign policy of each country against Middle Eastern countries. Well, actually tried to explain this occasion the author, as the foreign policies of both countries, both in the foreign policy of Russia and the United States against another State or foreign policies of both countries against another country.
The first thing to understand in the investigation of foreign relations, understand the history of the first foreign policy. The author does not discuss U.S. foreign policy is too far back, I will try to examine how U.S. foreign policy after the Second World War, where we have a policy of containment, as political control of the foreign policy of the Soviet Union to be known. Due to the influence of cold war politics major impact is then the foreign policy of the United States.
Meanwhile, Russia, a new state constitution in 1993 had no history of foreign policy that was so long, unless they are connected to their homeland during the Cold War, the Soviet Union. However, the author will try to focus on Russia's policy without linking it to the foreign policy of the Soviet Union.

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